LED Light Bars


Looking to buy high quality LED light bars for added performance and safety when it comes to your off-road activities? Shop online at Vic Offroad and enjoy great prices and excellent customer service. We are proud to provide a range of 4x4 LED light bars for sale. Whether you’re taking to the dirt track at dusk or travelling along a highway, we can meet all your requirements when it comes to lighting the way for you.


LED light bars are a convenient way to add an extra set of lighting to your vehicle. It’s an auxiliary light used for both highway and off-road travels. These light bars are typically fixed onto a bull bar or in front of a roof rack. LED light bars particularly come in handy when it comes to 4WD vehicles, where auxiliary lighting is crucial for offroading and camping trips.

With LED light bars you’ll find two beam patterns: flood or spot. Spot beam pattern is ideal for lighting over a long distance. The flood pattern on the other hand lights up a broader field of view. Some light bars are equipped with both of these beam patterns, offering you the best of both worlds. Additionally, you’ll find these light bars are also available in varying size and brightness.

Why you need LED light bars

When you’re out on off-road adventures, you would often come across low light conditions. This could prove dangerous, particularly during the night. A 4x4 light bar is a convenient means of adding some much-needed visibility to your 4x4.

LED lighting tends to have a longer lifespan than its halogen and HID counterparts. This means that they will last far longer and will be a cheaper option for when you’re in the market for added lighting.

Customisability is also an added benefit of LED light bars. Different shapes and designs mean you can get creative with your lighting choices. You could go for a slim LED light bar or a 12-inch light bar, depending on your specific requirements. 

High-performing LED light bars for cars and trucks

When it comes to driver safety, you can trust our team to deliver just what you need. Instantly improve your night-time driving welfare with our ultra-bright light bars that include broader lighting coverage and distance. Engineered to enhance your visibility, long-lasting, and housed in sturdy die-cast aluminium, our LED light bars are also dependable in any extreme weather conditions.

For instance, a pair of 7inch CREE LED Light Bar Side Shooters are dual side shooters that are capable of delivering widespread horizontal beams, helping you effectively avoid any potential hazards. It’s also a spot beam and flood beam mix. In other words, not only does this help illuminate over a long distance, but it also spreads the lighting over a large area.

Looking for the perfect light bars for trucks? This 42inch LED light bar features ultra-bright LEDs along with an impact-resistant lens and superior heat dissipation to guarantee high durability, even in the most demanding conditions.    

From slimline to the more robust, we are sure you’ll find the perfect style to suit your vehicle. Look to us for 6 and 12 inch light bars for your 4x4 truck or car at great prices, and be fully equipped for your next off-road adventure.

Quality light bars Aussie drivers can depend on 

When it’s just you and the road, get something you can depend on. Vic Offroad puts in the effort to source the very best in light bars from local and international companies, bringing you highly efficient units from manufacturers such as Defend Indust. Chosen based on performance and durability, you can rest assured that when you buy from Vic Offroad, you’re buying quality. 

How to choose a light bar

Make the right choice for your vehicle. A well chosen lightbar can not only make you more visible on the road to other motorists, but enhance your peripheral vision in the driver’s seat. Vic Offroad offers a range of designs to suit every driver and every vehicle, from slim profile light bars perfect for smaller vehicles, to self contained pods equipped with side shooters to help you spot wildlife in time. What is the right lightbar for you will depend on the shape and size of your vehicle, how you like to off-road and where you’re planning on headed. If you’re looking for some help, our team will be happy to help you select the right product. Know exactly where you’re going – wherever that is – with help from VICOFFROAD. 

Up for anything, just like you 

Off-roading can be tough on a vehicle. The last thing you need when you haven’t seen the road for hours is a blown light. If you’ve put in the effort to get a vehicle that can stand up to the toughest terrain, take the same care when selecting your lights. At Vic Offroad, we’re as passionate about getting off the beaten track as you, so we’ve taken the care to select lights that we trust, that we can rely on out bush. Built tough to resist anything the road throws at you, our range of lightbars feature innovative design features to help them go the distance. The Defend Indust collection offers drivers light bars built with as one-piece aluminium housings for enhanced durability, state-of-the-art heatsinks to resist overheating and IP67 rating for protection against dust, moisture snow and water, for a light solution that’s ready for any journey. 

Complement your LED light bar with LED headlights and LED driving lights for a truly complete lighting solution on your 4WD.    

Shop LED light bars online

Vic Offroad is an Australian owned company, specialising in 4WD camping accessories, caravan and trailer parts, and 12v outdoor gears. Find everything you need online and in the one place, for your convenience. From off-road LED driving spotlights to winches, floor mats, LED work lights, towing mirrors, solar panels and AGM batteries, you are sure to find what you need to enhance your off road experience.

Browse online and shop with confidence. We provide free shipping for most metropolitan areas in Australia.

20inch Cree LED Light Bar Combo Beam Driving Lamp with Plate Frame
DEFEND INDUST20inch Cree LED Light Bar Combo Beam Driving Lamp with Plate Frame
$55.95 $236.95
20Inch Cree Led Light Bar + Number Plate Frame
LIGHTFOX20Inch Cree Led Light Bar + Number Plate Frame
$69.95 $174.95
Pair 6 inch Flush Mount Led Work Light
FIERYREDPair 6 inch Flush Mount Led Work Light
$34.95 $53.95
8x 4inch CREE LED Work Lights
DEFEND INDUST8x 4inch CREE LED Work Lights
$89.95 $299.95
FIERYRED 50" Curved LED Light Bar Dual Row Combo Driving Truck 4WD OffRoad
FIERYREDFIERYRED 50" Curved LED Light Bar Dual Row Combo Driving Truck 4WD...
$159.95 $266.95
Pair 4inch CREE LED Work Lights
DEFEND INDUSTPair 4inch CREE LED Work Lights
$32.95 $66.95
22inch Cree LED Light Bar Side Shooter
LIGHTFOX22inch Cree LED Light Bar Side Shooter
$69.95 $114.95 Sold out
23inch Cree LED Light Bar Combo Driving Lamp
DEFEND INDUST23inch Cree LED Light Bar Combo Driving Lamp
$49.95 $133.95
Pair 6 inch CREE FLOOD LED Work Light Bar Driving Lights 4WD Reverse
DEFEND INDUSTPair 6 inch CREE FLOOD LED Work Light Bar Driving Lights 4WD...
$26.95 $59.95
DEFEND INDUST 42inch LED Light Bar Dual Row Spot Flood Combo Driving Truck 4WD OffRoad
DEFEND INDUSTDEFEND INDUST 42inch LED Light Bar Dual Row Spot Flood Combo Driving...
$99.95 $226.95
4x 4inch CREE LED Work Lights
DEFEND INDUST4x 4inch CREE LED Work Lights
$54.95 $199.95
2x 7inch Cree LED Light Bar
DEFEND INDUST2x 7inch Cree LED Light Bar
$39.95 $93.95 Sold out